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Tips for export topic

Phases of a product import process

Although export topic includes a wide range of goods and products like petrochemical products and gas condensate, industrial product, mineral industry products, carpet and handicrafts and also agricultural products and alimentary industry.

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The first key step for entering to this field is you should raise your knowledge and specialty in goods import because importing goods has its own subtilities and if you are not prominent and have not enough awareness, possibility of losing your capital is very high.

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Advantages of goods and a product export

Advantages and profit of exporting different kind of products have caused that different companies increase their products quantity and quality for keeping their current position due to high level of competition or take a suitable action for decreasing costs of product manufacturing process.

By doing activities like exporting products over borders and entering to the international markets, we will witness increase of the company employees' skill, talent, specialty and knowledge and this is because of more effort for manufacturing products in the same level with their foreign samples.

There is another important point among advantages of exporting and that is increase of market share and raising production mass that leads to increase in sale and even other competitors enter to the internal market, there is no problem due to sale decrease or recession because of selling products in global markets.